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Lebanon’s airline disciplines employee after she told Filipino passengers to ‘stop talking’

Did they hear about customer centricity?
Well, that might be too complicated for them. What about customer services?
What happened at Beirut Airport is not a single mistake. It is rather a multi-dimensional issue.
Did they receive any professional training?
Did anyone introduce the idea of soft skills to them?
Who hired that group of inept employees?
Is there a shortage of qualified personnel or is it rather a surplus of corruption?
I am quite sure that the incident carries more question marks.

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North American carriers grounded at airline awards

North American carriers are not up to the level of an international competition.
Orville and Wilbur Wright established a formidable milestone in the airline industry. Additionally, Boeing is an American company and one of the two major aircraft manufacturers worldwide.
Having said so, what could be the reason for Wright’s grandchildren to be lazy and fall behind like that?
What could be the reason for a relatively fledgling airline like Qatar Airways to excel like that while the American veteran airlines are satisfied being in the back rows?
Putting all question marks aside, I would say that the differentiating reason is the human factor which is used efficiently in emerging carriers like Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines.

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Russia’s largest airlines raise prices on tickets

Increasing the level of passenger fuel surcharges is the direct option available to airlines which are trying to partially recover from the increase in operational costs due to fluctuations in aviation fuel prices.
Once fuel prices become stable, the current level of fuel surcharge could be partially or fully amalgamated with applicable fares.
Passenger fuel surcharges could be possibly reviewed by the respective civil aviation authorities.

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Singapore Airline’s sensory branding

It is important to stimulate various senses at the same time as they work better together.
Smell is unusually effective at evoking memory. If you’re tested on the details of a movie while the smell of popcorn is wafted into the air, you’ll remember 10-50% more.
Smell is really important to business. When you walk into Starbucks, the first thing you smell is coffee. They have done a number of things over the years to make sure that’s the case.
Thus, using the sense of smelling to complement a brand is a step on the right direction.

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Safety rating of Russian airlines

(Опубликован рейтинг безопасности российских авиакомпаний)
I have a doubt that these unsafe airlines had a chance to know about the right way of doing business.
Well, they might be still having a chance to fix their sloppy performance. They have to inject new blood in their management mentality. Otherwise, they have to prepare themselves for the final approach to the graveyard.

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Delivery delayed of SSJ-100

It seems that the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 got infected with the “delay” virus from its fetal friend B787. Mr. Michael Bagdasarov of Armavia is right on his comment as the delay might be a strategic operational advantage for Armavia since there is no current high demand for more aircraft, and practically till the time again for the summer schedule.
In fact, B787 is not only a friend of Sukhoi SuperJet 100 considering the fact that there is an agreement between Sukhoi and Boeing since 19th of December 2002. The affiliation with Boeing may be the actual source of infection.

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Hudson hero Chesley Sullenberger says cost-cutting airlines are risking lives

Salaries are supposed to be proportional to the cost of qualifying a person to have a specific profession. It does not make sense for a person to spend X amount of money to be qualified as a bus driver to have the same salary like a person who spends 10X amount of money to be qualified as a pilot. The cutting-cost considerations adopted by various airlines should not touch vital items like safety. Otherwise, it is an advantage for any airline to be efficient and cost effective. We know that pilots do not land on water everyday. However, they have to be ready to do that without advance notice. Thumb up for Captain Sullenberger who managed to land safely on Hudson River.

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