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Safety rating of Russian airlines

(Опубликован рейтинг безопасности российских авиакомпаний)
I have a doubt that these unsafe airlines had a chance to know about the right way of doing business.
Well, they might be still having a chance to fix their sloppy performance. They have to inject new blood in their management mentality. Otherwise, they have to prepare themselves for the final approach to the graveyard.

Date: 19 November 2009 commenting on


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  1. The problem is not entirely an airline one. It starts with lack of political will to enact meaningful changes, in essence this means not just lack of oversight on the part of appropriate authority responsible for all the said, but also the fact that their hands are possibly tied from behind at that! Looking at the EC Blacklist, which is but a tip of the iceberg, the ever increasing entries on the part of Russian and CIS Airlines speaks volumes on the pertinent need of the concerned governments sprucing up. But if it does not favor some politically correct individuals or stalwarts at that, it never will get done.
    Shortcuts are a prelude to disasters and there are many waiting to occur and recur as regards the Russian made aircraft in particular. I believe most countries should borrow a leaf from the UAE Civil Aviation and start banning unsafe kites and air jalopies from their airspace. Maybe it will wake someone up in the corridors of power.

    Comment by Ahmed Taib | December 1, 2009 | Reply

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