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Safety rating of Russian airlines

(Опубликован рейтинг безопасности российских авиакомпаний)
I have a doubt that these unsafe airlines had a chance to know about the right way of doing business.
Well, they might be still having a chance to fix their sloppy performance. They have to inject new blood in their management mentality. Otherwise, they have to prepare themselves for the final approach to the graveyard.

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Hudson hero Chesley Sullenberger says cost-cutting airlines are risking lives

Salaries are supposed to be proportional to the cost of qualifying a person to have a specific profession. It does not make sense for a person to spend X amount of money to be qualified as a bus driver to have the same salary like a person who spends 10X amount of money to be qualified as a pilot. The cutting-cost considerations adopted by various airlines should not touch vital items like safety. Otherwise, it is an advantage for any airline to be efficient and cost effective. We know that pilots do not land on water everyday. However, they have to be ready to do that without advance notice. Thumb up for Captain Sullenberger who managed to land safely on Hudson River.

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